Ph.D. Manfred Pretis

S.I.N.N., a private enterprise in Graz/Austria, offers support through counselling networking and projects for vulnerable persons (0-99 years). Our offer includes psychiatric treatment, psychological diagnostics, assessment of resources and threats for vulnerable children, seminars and projects for disadvantaged people on international level.

S.I.N.N. (Social Innovative Network) stands for:

  • Social: Activities of S.I.N.N. focus on processes and interactions between persons, primarily on social services for vulnerable target groups (people with disabilities, the socially disadvantaged, the mentally ill)
  • INnovative: Activities of S.I.N.N. (training, evaluation, quality management) focus on new concepts of learning: (Empowerment, full participation, online-tools…)
  • Network: S.I.N.N bases activities on local and international levels (e.g. the International Society on Early Intervention)