S.I.N.N. owns a substantial track record of project participations in research and development projects, mainly performed within a European context / consortium. Several of these projects have been led and managed by ourselves as coordinator responsible for thematic and financial management. 

Through this substabtial numner of cooperation projects S.I.N.N has built a far-reaching network of qualified cooperation partners and experts. For the externe avaluation of cooperation projects S.I.N.N. relies on experienced project evaluators.

Following a short overview about our projects:

National Projects:

  • Evaluation of early preventive social services in Styria: With support of the Syrian Government the situation of the Early Intervention System and the Inclusion in Kindergarten was analysed, especially regarding the aspect of “individual needs-orientation for disabled or at risk children”.
  • IRMKA: Integration of marginalized groups into the labour market. (EQUAL 1). Based on the analysis of the life situation of extremely marginalized persons (in the context of long-term unemployment, homelessness, social aid) models of integration into the labour market were developed.
    (Download: Publication "Health status of extremely marginalized groups")

International Projects:

  • EQM-PD: European Quality Management for Professionals working with People with Disability (Leonardo da Vinci) www.eqm-pd.com
    EQM-PD offers a curriculum for professionals regarding quality management and an online-assessment instrument to assess the quality of service delivery for people with disability. This tool can be used by the customers themselves (PwD) and the professionals.
  • EBIFF: European Training Passport for Professionals in Early Childhood Intervention (Leonardo da Vinci) www.ebiff.org
    EBIFF offers a European curriculum for professionals in the field of Early Childhood Intervention, as well as an online assessment instrument to assess the match between an individual and/or institutional training portfolio and the European frame.
  • CAMHEE: Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Enlarged Europe www.camhee.eu
    CAMHEE analyses the situation of children in the context of a mental illness of at least one parent within the enlarged European Union. National and European recommendations are defined for this vulnerable group of children
  • Easy ICT: Certification of ICT skills for children and adolescents with intellectual disabilities. (Lifelong Learning) www.easyict.eu
    Easy ICT develops a certification instrument to assess the individual ICT-skills of youngsters with intellectual disabilities. The certification tools fits into the frame of existing initiatives (ECDL) and supports the recognition of individual ICT skills towards integration into the labour market.
  • CARERS: Contents mAterials to Raise Employability and Reinforce Skills of carers www.carers-project.eu
    CARERs develops a training program for informal carers (6 modules). – Transfer of Innovation – Lifelong learning.
  • ENEVA: Enhance Efficacy through Valorisation (Life Long Learning) www.enevaproject.eu
    By means of an online portal ENEVA offers the possibility to increase dissemination, valorisation and sustainability in the field of projects for People with Disabilities).
  • PRECIOUS: Professional Resources in Early Childhood Intervention: Online Utilities and Standards (Transfer of Innovation – Lifelong Learning) www.precious.at Precious continues the efforts of EBIFF and creates the legal and content-oriented basis for Master-courses in the field of Early Childhood Intervention.
  • I want to be here for my disabled Child (Grundtvig)
    This Grundtvig project developed guidelines for training professionals working with hearing impaired children.
  • KIDS Strengths: Kids in the context of mental disorder - Skill training to Empower Teachers, Health Professionals and Social Workers (www.strong-kids.eu) KIDS STRENGHTS promotes resilience processes of children and adolescents in the context of mentally vulnerable parents.
  • ECI2.0European Competence Initiative - Early Childhood Intervention -  Fachliche Bildung und Empowerment für Lehrerinnen, ÄrztInnen und SozialarbeiterInnen (www.early-intervention.eu)
    ECI2.0 has amongst others developped practical modules (info and method training sheets) and training videos for parents and professionals in early intervention..
  • EUPALT European Passport for the Education of Therapists/Teachers Working with People with Dyslexia (www.dyslexia-projext.eu)
    The main project contents is the development of a "European Passport" for the Education of Therapists/Teachers Working with People with Dyslexia.
  • ICF-Train ICT-based Team Learning in ICF(-CY) (www.icf-training.eu)
    The main project contents is the development of a combined Web2.0 online team assessment tool and real-time online training tool for using ICF-CY. 
  • SGSCC Serious Games for Social & Creativity Competence (www.games4competence.eu)
    SGSCC has developed a learning game for PCs and SmartPhones, aiming to foster social competencies of children and young people with learning handicaps.