Evaluation – S.I.N.N. analyses relevant factors and processes of social service delivery. It includes the assessment of these issues towards pre-defined criteria (e.g. prevention, interdisciplinary, participation). 
Evaluation by S.I.N.N. represents a dialogue process and can be seen as a means for quality management of social enterprises. 

Evaluation refers to five levels:

  • the concept of the social service
  • the structure, which puts this concept into practice
  • the necessary processes
  • the results and
  • the sustainable impact

Reference projects:

  • Evaluation of the Grundtvig Project “Empowering Parents of Children with Special Needs)
  • Evaluation of the Grundtvig Project “A better quality for parents“ www.parents.ro
  • Evaluation of the Lingua Project, English without Borders“
  • Evaluation of early preventive services in Styria